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Automatic Fender


Hanging and fumbling with bow fenders when docking your boat is always risky, awkward and unsafe. Sure there are different fender baskets, clips and solutions but none solve the issue of having to manually drop your fenders when approaching a dock. Now, using the Automatic Fender™, you can dock without leaving the Cockpit!


The Automatic Fender deploys the fenders with a single push of a button on your Smartphone or tablet (iOS & Android available), without the need to climb on the bow, gunnel or deck. The Automatic Fenders are stored horizontally under the railing and are almost invisible. They’re made of white gloss  Poly-Carbonate/ABS and blend nicely with the boat. 

Fender height from the water is set to support different height docks and tethering (boat to boat) tie-ups. Installation and operation are very easy requiring only three clamps to the bowrail (no drilling). No electrical connection to the boat is required. The Automatic Fender comes with a rechargeable battery charged by a solar cell & operates over Bluetooth communication. 

The Automatic Fender can be controlled from any location on the boat and is deployed with a unique username and password on your device to prevent unauthorized operation and deter theft. They work with many different size center (thru-hole) fenders.


Of all available fender baskets, racks, holders, hangers, clips, cages and fender storage solutions, they are the best looking. The fenders are stored horizontally under the railing not blocking the captains view. They are the smallest fender solution by far and they eliminate the hassle and risk of hanging fenders and require ZERO maintenance!

*12 Month Deferred Interest. Min Monthly Payments Required. 29.99% APR

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