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Audio / Video Entertainment

Now more than ever, boaters want the same amenities, convenience and user experience on their boat as they do at home. That means technology comes into play and we at IMS are experts  at technology.
HDTV:  High Definition TV is now the standard everywhere and your boat should be no exception. Many boaters don’t realize how easy it is to get HD content on their boat and relegate themselves to watching their phone or tablet. IMS is an authorized dealer of Intellian and KVH satellite TV systems and can start up your system with DirecTV or Dish Network. HDTV is also available ‘off-air’. Off-air means that you can watch your local TV stations in high


definition simply by adding  the appropriate antenna. NOTE; the FCC mandates that all television networks are required to broadcast their signal over-the-airwaves in addition to supplying it to the cable and satellite providers.
Marine Audio: IMS are specialists at designing and installing sound systems for any type of boat or yacht. We are certified by Fusion, JL Audio, Crestron, Sonance and James Loudspeaker as premier dealers. We assure you a sound system installed by us will sound significantly better than one by our competitors because we ‘tune’ every system to the boat itself. The same speaker can sound dramatically different installed in fiberglass versus wood. Our competition will sell you some equipment, install it and walk away. That means you’re not getting the real performance capabilities out  of what you purchased.  Our systems simply sound fantastic because we know how to make them sound fantastic!
For the most demanding audio applications where sound quality and  form factor are of utmost importance, James Loudspeaker is the go-to solution. James is located in Napa CA. and is well known for their dominance in the luxury home marketplace for their superior quality and nearly invisible design. Their speakers and enclosures are made of marine grade aluminum.  They will never deteriorate in the salty marine environment. James can customize any speaker to any application and can custom manufacture any grill to any speaker! This allows us to literally ‘hide’ speakers in the walls, ceilings and seat bases of your boat while delivering sonic perfection.
Regardless of your budget, IMS can custom engineer and install an audio system that will give you years of high quality sonic entertainment on the water.

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