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Introducing an extension of the NautiBuoy line of luxury water platforms…the C-Dock. The perfect solution for safely and conveniently docking your SEABOB. The C-Dock easily ties up to your NautiBuoy platform, swimstep or dock with attached straps. And the attached ballast bag keeps the C-Dock steady and stable in the water. Best of all, it prevents your SEABOB from damage by bumping into the dock or your boat’s hull or swimstep repeatedly.


The C-Dock is available in two versions. The Sport model is ideal for basic applications and serves as an economical solution to docking your SEABOB. The Voyager version elevates the experience dramatically by turning the C-Dock into an extension of any  NautiBuoy platform in matching Teak surface and incredible stability and firmness. As an example of outstanding design, you’ll notice quickly that the teak lines on the Voyager C-Dock match the lines on any NautiBuoy platform making the entire surface area aesthetically pleasing and appear larger. Like other NautiBuoy products, the C-Dock easily inflates and deflates in minutes with the supplied high power AC pump. Also included are a vinyl storage bag and manual hand pump (used to inflate the C-Dock to its optimum inflation level and PSI).

Flexibility and options abound by joining multiple Voyager C-Docks and platforms together in a manner only NautiBuoy can provide. End to end, T-shape, L-shape, the options are nearly endless. Take a look at some of our example configurations and you’ll quickly see that all bases are covered with NautiBuoy docking and platform solutions. There is no comparable product or solution available in the marine marketplace.  And IMS is proud to be NautiBuoy’s exclusive western US dealer/distributor.

*12 Month Deferred Interest. Min Monthly Payments Required. 29.99% APR

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