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Custom Bait Tanks


Serious fisherman know the value of good

equipment and many times that equipment is the difference between success and failure. Part of any sport fishing vessel is a bait tank ideally matched and sized to your boat and your preferences. All too many new fishing boats are delivered from the factory with small, undersized bait tanks to save money. Problem is, they don’t suit your needs. Let IMS design and build a custom bait tank that delivers for you and your team.


All our bait tanks are made of the highest quality fiberglass and materials. And we are a full-service custom house. That means we’ll come out to your boat, discuss what you want and need, take measurements and provide you with a sketch or even a Visio drawing to show you exactly what your custom tank will look like. Add custom features like logos, clear panels and integrated LED lights. Add a cutting surface, rod holders and more to equip yourself for any fishing experience. Turn otherwise unused storage space into a custom tank and tackle center with or without refrigeration. We’ll handle all the plumbing too.Give us a call at 949-313-6338 and let’s come up with the perfect bait tank and accessories custom designed for you.

*12 Month Deferred Interest. Min Monthly Payments Required. 29.99% APR

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