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Beverage Dispensers


Enjoy the luxury and convenience of having your favorite five non-carbonated beverages always available and neatly dispensed at the touch of a button on your boat or yacht. Integrated Marine Systems 

makes this easy with the Sidebar on-demand beverage delivery system.


This marine grade dispenser delivers independent beverage streams from their containers directly to your glass so no two beverages ever mix!  Perfect for spirits, mixers, juices and any other

non-carbonated liquids.


If you prefer having spirits and beer available in a single unit, the  Sidebar Duo features five 

independent non-carbonated beverage streams PLUS a beer tap! And it’s 100% stainless steel. 

Both systems feature:

  • Marine Grade Quality

  • AC or 12 vDC Powered

  • Multiple Color Combinations

  • Easy to use with No Cleanup

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