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Internet Connectivity

Now more than ever, boaters want the same amenities, convenience and user experience on their boat as they do at home. That means technology comes into play and we at IMS are experts at technology.

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Wifi Internet service: We’re all attached to our smartphones and tablets for work and entertainment.  And most of us, including kids, now have the true need to be connected to the internet at all times. But getting high speed internet on your boat or yacht is still a mysterious and frustrating experience for many boaters. IMS can help. We can provide you with an affordable, dedicated high-speed internet connection for you and only you.


 No longer do you need to struggle with poor quality marina wifi service (even if it’s free, it’s generally unusable for streaming content) or relegating your smartphone to be a hot-spot for you and your entire family so they can have internet access. Now, you can have dedicated high-speed internet service for email, web surfing and streaming HD movies on your smartphones, tablets, Smart TV’s, Apple TV’s and more. Call us to find out more about this terrific, affordable marine-grade wifi solution that will solve your connection problems!


Let's get you streaming & surfing on the water!

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