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Marine Flooring

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Updating the deck or interior flooring on a boat is the most often purchased (and re-purchased if you have carpet) upgrade boat owners make. IMS covers this subject with four types of flooring material.


But first, WE DO NOT SELL CARPET!  Carpet is a horrible material for the marine environment and starts to degrade the day you install it. Immediately it begins to absorb moisture and when mixed with heat and sunlight, grows bacteria. Bacteria grows into mold and mildew. Your beautiful carpet then begins to discolor, deteriorate, fray and smell. Before you know it, you’re cleaning it every couple months trying to maintain it. And that doesn’t include spills of liquids or wear & tear from kids, pets and the boating lifestyle. Even if you don’t buy flooring from us, please, do not buy carpet!


Synthetic Teak Decking: For the true yacht look on your exterior deck, synthetic teak decking is the perfect choice. This material is PVC based and gives you the look and feel of real teak wood without the annoying and expensive maintenance. IMS is proud to represent the best in this category, PlasDECK. With its excellent UV resistance, PlasDECK won’t change color, fade or deteriorate from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It’s inherent plasticizers and UV inhibitors keep it looking new. It’s easy to maintain too. Simply wash it down or use a brush and normal boat wash to remove any surface blemishes. PlasDECK is available in 18 different colors and 2 different ‘plank widths’. Its surprisingly affordable and looks fantastic many years after installed. Let IMS design and install a beautiful new PlasDECK on your boat or yacht. We are Southern, CA’s largest PlasDECK dealer and have the entire line of colors and styles on display in our Newport Beach showroom.



Revolutionary New PlasDECK ECO SERIES Boat Decking Combines Quality, Affordability and Eco-Friendly Recycling

The award-winning Eco Series includes post-industrial reground and recycled PlasDECK scraps, allowing us to sell this flooring at a lower cost without lowering our standards.


    Bottom layer is composed of PlasDECK regrind.


    Using recycled material allows us to lower our prices without lowering our standards.


    With Eco Series Reveal, personalized design possibilities are endless.

1. Eco Series Reveal: 

Available in engraved custom panels for small boats. This is similar to the process used on EVA foam flooring but PlasDECK is much more durable. This can then be put on our CNC machines and any desired design can be engraved into it. This can include lines, borders, logos or geometric shapes at no additional cost. These panels can also be cut to shape from a template.

Reveal is available in Aged, Dolphin, Montauk, Natural, and Teak (with black lines only).



2. Standard Eco Series:

Available in large sheets for large boats – an affordable yet durable option for large deck spaces like houseboats and pontoons. PlasDECK Eco Series Sheets are available up to 64 feet long and up. Widths are sold in 6 inch increments. These sheets are available in Regular Plank or Wide Plank styles. Sheets are rolled for shipping and trimmed to fit on site by the customer. PlasDECK Eco Series Sheets are only available without borders.

Available in Aged & Off-white, Aged & Black, Montauk & Off-white, Montauk & Black, Dolphin & Bright White, Slate & Black, Natural & Off-white, Natural & Black


Witness an incredible transformation of the cockpit deck on this 1985 Ocean 40 Sportfisher with old teak decking that needed replacing. IMS and PlasDeck teamed up to deliver stunning results! The owner was ecstatic about what his boat looks like now.

IMS will remove your old, discolored and sun damaged decking as part of any flooring make-over. In case you're wondering how it's done, take a look at this video.


MarineMat takes on the harshest of marine environments while offering superior comfort and durability over other decking solutions. With a large variety of textures, colors and designs on the market, combined with quick and easy installation, MarineMat is an ideal decking replacement product for any type of boat, ranging from megayachts to runabouts to sailboats.

All these manufacturers flooring products are on display in our showroomin Newport Beach. Come in and find out which one is best for you.

Vinyl Flooring: IMS is proud to be Southern, CA’s largest dealer of Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl. Infinity’s product line is extremely versatile, offering you dozens of styles and colors to choose from to dress up your boat. Their vinyl material is nearly indestructible and resists stain, fading, tearing or splitting. It’s 100% waterproof so it will never absorb ANY liquid. Therefore, no stains, mold, mildew or rot. It won’t shrink from cold or expand from heat. And it’s BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT for the marine environment! You can’t go wrong with Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl on your boat or yacht. And it is very affordable.

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