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The all new sling bag was specifically designed for Byrna to accommodate everything you might want to keep with your launcher, plus more. This includes a main compartment with a pocket designed to securely hold any Byrna Pistol Launcher. The main compartment also contains four elastic loops sized to firmly hold both 8-gram and 12-gram CO2 cylinders in place. The smaller front compartment has elastic loops capable of holding both extra magazines and the Byrna 5 count projectile tubes and is perfect for keeping extra ammo on hand.


The sling bag is also big enough to comfortably house a tablet or notebook and still has plenty of room for personal items. Aside from the two main compartments the sling bag has a quick access pocket on the back and a small zippered pocket on the front and a hook and loop field at the top. The bag’s ambidextrous design allows it to be carried over the left or right shoulder which allows for an efficient draw of your weapon with either hand.


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