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*Please Note: This is Armor only, Backpack sold separately.


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As easy to insert into a standard-sized student backpack as a school notebook, Byrna Shield Backpack Body Armor is a thin, lightweight (14 oz.), flexible Level IIIA-rated ballistic plate. It can withstand up to 6 hits from .44 magnum bullets with velocities up to 1,464 feet-per-second.


For the price of a pair of sneakers parents can have peace-of-mind, knowing they’re giving their children a chance when the unthinkable happens, and avoid the high cost of regret.


Shield Backpack Body Armor Features:

  • Made in America with Patented Technology

  • Stops up to a .44 Magnum Bullet

  • Extremely lightweight (14oz) and very thin

  • Flexible

  • Fits discreetly in a backpack (not frightening)

  • Available in both children's and adult sizes.

  • 10% of all Byrna Shield proceeds donated to Meadow's Movement to promote school safety and provide Shields to underprivileged students


Excluding Sales Tax |

    By purchasing the Byrna Shield IIIA and III+ packages that contain ballistic armor from Byrna Technologies Inc. (“Byrna”), you agree to be bound by these Armor Terms of Use (the “Armor Terms”); furthermore, you represent, warrant, and confirm the following:

    • - You are a resident of the United States and are of legal age in your state of residence at the time of purchase to own the item(s) you are purchasing.
    • - You are not a felon.
    • - You are not legally barred from purchasing, possessing, or using the item(s) purchased.
    • - You are legally allowed to possess and use the item(s) in your state.
    • - Your purchase does not violate any local, state, or federal laws.
    • - If you are a resident of Connecticut, and if this is not a face-to-face transaction, you are a sworn member of a local police department, the State Police, the Division of Criminal Justice, the Department of Correction, or the Board or Pardons or Parole, or of the National Guard or the armed forces.
    • - You are not purchasing the item(s) for illegal purposes.
    • - You are purchasing the item(s) on your own behalf and not on behalf someone else in order to assist them to avoid complying with these Armor Terms.
    • - You assume all risk of use (or misuse) of the item(s) purchased.
    • - You understand that body armor is not bullet proof—IT IS ONLY BULLET RESISTANT, and if a bullet strikes you there is always a risk you will be injured or killed.
    • - You understand that the backpack and plate carrier themselves are made from NON-ballistic material and will not provide any protection if the ballistic armor is removed.
    • - You understand that body armor will not provide any protection whatsoever for any part of your body that is not covered by the armor.
    • - Illegally purchasing, possessing, or using body armor or other items sold by Byrna may result in severe legal consequences for you, up to and including incarceration. Byrna will fully cooperate with all criminal investigations.


    All ballistic armor plates sold by Byrna Technologies Inc. are now under the control of the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) and administered under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and remain subject to the export controls laws of the U.S. Government. Export or retransfer of armor plates by any means to any foreign end user, or for any other end user, whether in the U.S, or abroad, without the written approval of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is prohibited. The sale, transfer, transportation, or shipment outside of the U.S. of any product prohibited or restricted for export without complying with U.S. export control laws and regulations, including proper export licensing, documentation, or authorization, is strictly prohibited and may result in civil penalties and/or constitute a federal crime. Byrna will not engage in any transaction that requires the illegal export of any products and will not assist directly or indirectly with the illegal export or re-export of any products. These Armor Terms & Conditions may be updated, revised, or changed without prior notice.


    Byrna assumes NO LIABILITY for your use or misuse of any item(s) sold or donated, including without limitation any incidental or consequential liability. ALL WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND MERCHANTABILITY, ARE HEREBY EXCLUDED. NO ORAL AGREEMENT OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND SHALL BE BINDING UNLESS IN WRITING AND SIGNED BY BYRNA. Statements, images, or descriptions are informational only, and not made or given as a warranty in any way. Byrna specifically disavows any other representation, warranty, or liability related to the condition or use of the items sold. Byrna does not cover any consequential damages, and its liability is limited to repairing or replacing defective items. Every item is sold “AS IS” and “WITH ALL FAULTS”. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the product is with the buyer.

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