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Starlink’s Flat High Performance Kit is designed to deliver high-speed, low latency internet to the vast majority of the Earth’s oceans and seas.

Engineered by SpaceX, the Flat High Performance features a wide field of view and enhanced GPS capabilities to help ensure consistent connectivity while in port or at sea.  

Designed for mobility applications and challenging environments. With a wide field of view and enhanced GPS capabilities, it can connect to more satellites, allowing for consistent connectivity while on the go. The hardware is designed for a permanent installation and is more resilient to extreme environments. Currently the only designated dish for in-motion use in approved countries.

Requires Subscription

  • Download the Starlink App to check which service plans are available in your area and to determine the best set up location before install


  • Starlink’s Flat High Performance Kit is the only Starlink designed for maritime usage in approved countries
  • The Flat High Performance Kit includes your Starlink, Router with Router Mount, Wedge Mount, Power Supply with Mount, and Cables
  • Permanent installation required (Wedge Mount Included). Bears a small footprint, requiring minimal space on your vessel
  • The Flat High Performance can see more of the sky, allowing it to connect to more satellites and better serve users in challenging environments
  • Designed to deliver high speeds even in severe environments, such as extreme temperatures, high humidity, or heavy snowfall
  • Monthly service plan required. Starlink offers two Maritime/Boating Service Plans: Mobile Priority and Mobile Global. While at sea, opt for Mobile Priority (50GB, 1TB or 5TB). While at port, opt for Mobile Global, which includes unlimited mobile data coverage for marinas, ports, and inland areas (lakes, rivers, etc.)
  • All Mobile Priority Service Plans come with High Priority Data, meaning your data is prioritized over other users
  • All Mobile Priority Service Plans receive 24/7 Prioritized Support and a Publicly Routable IPv4 Address
  • Works anywhere with a clear view of the sky, including polar regions
  • No contracts, pay service as you go. Pause and un-pause service at any time

STARLINK - Flat High-Performance Kit for In-Motion Use

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Best Use Data/Voice , Other Applications
    Cable Length 26.2 Feet
    Compatibility Worldwide
    Diameter 22.6 inches
    Material UV-Resistant Plastic , Metal Mount
    Minimum EIRP Not Applicable
    Tracking Bluewater
    Warranty Two Years
    Weight 13 Pounds


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