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The SEABOB is one of the most exciting new products in the water sports world in many years. This battery powered DPV is completely emission-free. The high capacity lithium battery system charges quickly and gives you hours of use. Use the SEABOB to cruise the surface of the water or dive to depths of over 100’ to explore all the ocean has to offer. The e-jet propulsion system uses a powerful rotating  impeller to suck water into the unit and discharge it at a high pressure level creating excellent thrust. This provides the rider lots of power, acceleration and FUN! Multiple power levels work like ‘gears’ of a transmission allowing you to use the SEABOB at a speed you are comfortable with.  You can even set power limits to prevent the kids from going too fast. To steer the SEABOB, simply lean left or right and the SEABOB responds. To descend underwater, just hold your breath and lean forward. The SEABOB propels you underwater with ease.


The SEABOB is on display in our Newport Beach showroom on Mariners Mile.  Call us for more information at 949-313-6338 or email at

Summary of features:

  • Emission free water jet propulsion

  • Speed range of 8 mph – 13.6 mph*

  • Diving depth: down to 130 ft

  • Battery life: 1 – 5 hours of run time*

  • Charging time: 8 hours or 90 minutes with optional quick charger

  • Weight 64-77 lbs*

  • Stores easily in engine room, tender garage and SEABOB Rack -the secure wall and floor holding device

  • Available in many color combinations

  • Classified as a DPV (diver propulsion vehicle) so no DMV registration required


** Depends on model chosen

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