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If you are looking for a hydraulic lift for your boat then SeaLift has the perfect, Patented design that uses a Single Point of Power utilizing one cylinder and two hydraulic lines outboard of the transom.
While other hydraulic lifts on the market use four cylinders in their design, SeaLift’s Patented design accomplishes a lot more with only one cylinder while greatly reducing the number of unnecessary parts exposed to water, significantly reducing annual maintenance and increasing service life.
Although SeaLift’s compact design uses fewer cylinders, it still has plenty of power! And depending on your boat’s capabilities, it can lift up to 2,500 pounds with the Single Point of Power.

Each SeaLift Platform Lift is individually engineered to guarantee a perfect fit for your boats specific year, Make and Model eliminating the need for shims, adapter brackets, or expensive fiberglass modifications to your boat’s hull.
Since the SeaLift Platform Lift is custom built for your boat, installation is straight forward allowing marine technicians at marina service facilities to install the SeaLift in a couple of days.

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