Beverage Dispensing Systems

For the ultimate in docking control and safety, Yacht Controller is the answer. Yacht Controller is a hand-held, wireless system that permits the captain of the vessel to control engines, thrusters, windlasses and other mechanical devices wirelessly from anywhere on the boat.  Many yacht owners are extremely challenged to control their vessel in slow or no-speed situations due to wind, current and . This is primarily due to visibility and being tied to the helm station where the controls are. Yacht Controller solves this problem by integrating seamlessly into the vessel’s engines and throttle controls and puts them on a dual-band redundant RF wireless remote controller. This controller gives the captain complete mobility and freedom to move about the boat to see what they need to see. All while retaining absolute control of the speed and direction of the vessel under their command. Yacht Controller is installed on thousands of boats and yachts in the world and is a game-changer in the marine industry. Come see how this system can give you complete docking freedom and peace of mind. It’s on display in our Newport Beach showroom.