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Yacht Thruster

One of the biggest challenges a captain faces is controlling their vessel at slow or no speed when conditions are not ideal. Docking and maneuvering when the wind is howling or the current is pushing you in the opposite direction you need to go can be nerve-racking and potentially unsafe. A simple solution to gain more control is to install a bow and/or a stern thruster. Using a thruster in tandem with throttle controls will allow the captain to fight off wind and current forces and maintain position or direct the vessel in the proper direction. This is even more important for sail boats and other single-engine vessels.

IMS is an authorized dealer and certified installer of Yacht Thruster brand bow and stern thrusters. This product line includes internal tunnel thrusters and externally mounted thrusters that cover all boat & yacht sizes. Along with a wide selection of controllers, Yacht Thruster's range of bow and stern thrusters will give you the  control and confidence you need to properly and safely handle your vessel in the best and worst conditions allowing you to maneuver safely and professionally.

And why not take it to the next level?  After adding a bow or stern thruster to your boat, you can easily add Yacht Controller which gives you complete wireless control of your engine transmissions and your thrusters.  Now You can roam freely about the vessel and be wherever you need to be in order to dock safely and look like a pro doing it. See the Yacht Controller area of our website for more information.  All Yacht Group products are on display in our showroom and on our demo boat so contact us for a live demonstration or more information.