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ZAR Tender

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Built in Italy. Designed with passion. The new Tender, Mini and Sport Luxury line of performance RIB’s by ZAR represent a great leap forward in terms of design, function, performance and reliability. ZAR’s recognized leadership and expertise in the top class of the RIB industry converges in this beautiful and elegant product line. All of the iconic elements such as the deep ‘V’ hull for great performance and comfort, the rigid bow for a more spacious interior, the enormous storage space, the quality materials selection and the innovative design have been uncompromised.

A key aspect of our design philosophy demands that these RIBS must be instantly recognizable as a ZAR. The core values of our brand remain not only untouched, but enforced: Style, function, uncompromised, Italian. Every feature of the tender line has been conceived for a fun, comfortable, practical and safe experience. Integrated Marine Systems is proud to represent this incredible line of performance RIBS that range from small, personal sized craft to cutting edge, over-the-top luxury tenders that represent true style, function and performance like no other brand in the world. Call or stop in today to learn more about the incredible ZAR line-up and maybe even go for a test run on our ZF-1!

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